Our Story

A fourth generation entrepreneur, Tulika, followed in the footsteps of her great grandfather and father.

In 2018, after spending 5 years in the corporate world, the prospect of taking her legacy forward seemed to be brimming with potential. 

Inspired by her father (and Co-Founder) Sudhir Gupta, Tulika took a leap of faith and set-up Bow & Square. The father-daughter duo set out on a journey to create luxurious handcrafted apparel and accessories for chivalrous men. 

Handcrafted in the foothills of the Himalayas, they began tailoring custom pieces of clothing that focussed on the customer beyond what any fast fashion brand could, their atelier approach at the front of their purpose. Using the ocean of knowledge that came through both her father and grand-father, Tulika offers the comfort of classic custom tailoring through their website. 

While this is just the beginning, their existing customers know the distance Bow & Square goes to providing custom sartorial experiences - from sending swatches, to fitting their shirt to their favourite shirt in their wardrobe, the WhatsApp concierge, the thoughtful collections, the mix of classic and contemporary choices and determination to have only happy customers. 

We hope we’ve told you enough about ourselves to get you wondering about our promises, so go ahead, tell us something about yourself and order something, we’re confident you won’t regret it.