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[154 products]

Sleek & Handy Pocket Squares Online

The right pocket square can make such a world of difference to your look! Just a peek of that pattern is enough to elevate your style. In fact, pocket squares make the best companions for suits, blazers and formal shirts. You can wear pocket squares with ties to add a bit of flair to your formal outfit or ditch the tie and use just the pocket square for sporting the casually elegant look. There are numerous pocket square styles available today and now you can shop online for premium quality pocket squares and exquisite pocket square holders to build a sublime collection of your own.

At Bow & Square you will find pocket squares in so many styles and colours that you can have fun experimenting and playing around with your look for different occasions. Our premium men’s pocket squares collection includes various designs and patterns like striped, monochrome, geometric, floral, and more. A smartly finished printed pocket square will lend a special touch to the proceedings, subtly upgrading even an old suit. So take your pick from the numerous colours and shades we offer in our range of suit pocket squares. From pink pocket squares to colors like gold, orange, red, blue and green in multifarious patterns, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing men’s pocket squares to complement your attire.

Find attractive formal shirts and accessories galore

Our online men’s collection offers a wealth of other options including masterfully crafted and attractively designed formal shirts and linen workation shirts in tandem with accompanying pants and a vast lineup of handcrafted accessories for men.
Find everything you need, ranging from the best cravats for men to charming bow ties, neckties, woollen scarves and caps, lapel pins, and pocket square holders. We also offer the excellent option of buying these products as quality gift boxes, a fabulous way to pamper your near and dear ones too. Our selection of workation pants and shorts are crafted for comfort and style, whether you are attending an online office meeting or relaxing at the beach. ! You will also find online delightfully designed face masks in attractive colours, varied leather accessories, and comfortable yet supremely tailored cotton shirts.

Why should you choose Bow & Square?

Bow & Square is the best option for buying not only a men’s pocket square online but also all the other clothing and accessories that you require. Easy returns, hassle-free shipping, and excellent customer service are just some of the benefits that customers enjoy. The brand focuses on creating clothing and accessories that are comfortable and sustainable above all else. This homegrown menswear brand emphasizes on signature quality, exclusivity, and premium design along with the core principle of universality. The goal here is to inspire, develop and elevate with an approach akin to that of an Atelier. The company does not mass produce and takes immense pride in its in-house smaller workshop facility at Dehradun, where all items are carefully handcrafted by skilled traditional artisans.

From the initial design to fabric cutting, sewing and other procedures, this exclusive handcrafted approach is the brand's hallmark. Packaging is another novelty; products come in eco-friendly and handmade boxes with personalized inserts for a memorable customer experience. Keeping faith with its key policies of zero waste and slow fashion, Bow & Square purchases sustainable fabrics in limited quantities and items are created only upon receiving orders to avoid piling up of inventory. Every piece of clothing is tailored to fit customers perfectly and long-term relationships with connoisseurs are emphasized upon. That’s not all - by becoming a part of this community, you can enjoy customization with completely free alterations as per your preferred style, fit and finish, along with invaluable style advice and guidance.


1. What are the types of pocket squares available?

Pocket squares at Bow & Square are available in a variety of styles, designs and shades. You can choose from printed, striped, geometric and other patterns, while color options include red, pink, blue and green to name a few.

2. What other accessories can you buy?

Other accessory choices include pocket square holders, lapel pins, neckties, bow ties, leather accessories, and many more.

3. What are the apparel options available for buyers?

Buyers at Bow & Square can choose from carefully crafted linen workation shirts, cotton shirts, workation pants and shorts among other clothing options.