When the hills come calling!!

When your heart is being pulled by the mountains, and eyes cannot stop gazing at the entrancing hills' pictures, then my friend, it is time to book your tickets for a hill station excursion. Now usually the major task of making the to – do lists, checklists and packing is a bane of travelling but something which is inevitable. So, here we are at your service to platter you up with bits and bobs about how exactly, you can enjoy your winter sojourn to the mountains.



First and foremost, you need to brace up by understanding how you are going to survive there, to also save you from the last minute heebie-jeebies. How much to pack, what all necessities should you carry.


The utmost necessity while travelling to the mountains and to prevent yourself from falling sick because of perishing chills. They are the first in your checklist. One or two nice pullovers, a nice coat and a stylish jacket along with a crochet woollen scarf and hand knitted cap will let you enjoy in peace.

Crochet Woollen Scarf and Cap

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Comfy Shoes ‘COMFY', That's the operative word while travelling to the mountains, as obviously you would be required to walk a lot, trek and ski. Perhaps, wearing heels or canvas shoes would not just ‘not’ serve the purpose but also might injure you. Also, do not ever miss your warm boots or running shoes, the ones you could actually walk in. COMFORT OVER STYLE ALWAYS!


Treat Yourself

I mean this has to be on the list right! Your favourite fragrance moisturiser, hand creams, to fight dry skin, lip balms to prevent chapped lips, deodorants; medicines for when your head and body starts spinning and tissues -  just in case your nose starts running faster than the tap water.



Upon reaching, the other thing that strikes up our mind is what all adventurous activities we would be doing.  Well, here’s what could be done. Along with long drives on mountain roads, you can rock climb or go on a short trek. Just feel the cool breeze caress your face. If you are an extra valiant, you could also try rock climbing and hiking till high altitude and then bungee jumping from there. This would not just ignite your gallant senses, but also make your adrenaline run fast.



You know what has become like ‘a thing’ nowadays, it is a destination wedding in the hills. I mean seriously, can’t even complain right. Those beautiful views, overlooking the mountains, will make your wedding pictures look mesmerising. There are very alluring resorts and wedding venues too. But, what becomes a matter of concern is how to save yourself from the cold winds yet look dope and dapper. While for women, they layer up in stylish trench coats, that equally look stunning with dresses, men can pair their nice giza cotton shirts with regal indo-western Tweed Nehru Jackets. To amplify the look one can also layer up in formal tweed scarves.



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Next time we hope you keep up with our little pointers to make your trip count.