This Festive Season, Ditch Your Kurtas! Try Popover Shirts!

Once and for all, lets end this all pervasive debate which has been going for eons now. Thinking what debate? Well the debate of whether or not men like dressing up or not. Well straight out of VOGUE, Yes, yes they do. Men, in general, are usually considered to be lethargic in terms on putting some effort while dressing themselves. But as Logan Pearsall Smith once said, "He who goes against fashion is himself its slave."

Shop the Look -  European Linen Popover Shirt - Brick Red

That is the rational truth, they care too. But they do not like to always make a lot of effort. In India, or generally in our culture, round about festive season, ethnic wear is something we consider ethereal, and alluring. That’s where the real deal arises for men, as they are so used to wearing shirts and T-shirts daily. For them to wear ethnic is like transforming from Hrithik Roshan from "Dheere Dheere" to him in "Bole Chudiyan" It is kind of sedulous for them and we realise that. But again, all these torpid men want to catch up with the vibe of the festive season and also their evergreen beautiful significant other. That's when, for the effortless chic, we hop right in.

            We, at Bow & Square have always focussed on quality, details and most importantly, comfort, with tinge of elegance and debonair. Our affair with men’s wear is not just our tryst of love, but also a relationship to engage with our customers. These shirts are not just casual wear, but also in fusion with our ethnicity to revamp the look from western to Indian. 

Luxurious Linen

We understand the feeling of contentment, when people look vibrant wearing our sheer diligently crafted fabric which has an inimitable feel.

Now, usually the problem that arises for men with ethnic is that they find it quite dragged and it also elicits a notion of discomfort and agitation as is perceived that only heavy embroidery and rigid fabric can make you look Sauvé. So, we are here to prove you wrong. Our fusion popover shirts handcrafted from 100% Pure linen, which is moisture absorbent (for when you vibe and dance on "Dhol Baje" like no one is watching), and comes with breathable properties. A versatile piece of clothing which you can not only flaunt on festive occasion, but also can pair it up for casual or semi-formal events too.

Shop the Look -  Premium Linen Nehru Jacket - Porcelain White

For, an instant glow for your ethnic look, you can attach our beautiful lapel pins on your kurta to accentuate the aura of the look or even pair it up with a Nehru jacket  and leather slip-ons. Similarly, you can pair the same kurta with jeans and nice loafers to look casual.

The colours of this new collection truly defines versatility as it suits every person. It’s the amalgamation of devil with angel, as we meticulously blend in bright and dark colours together. The beautiful hints of leafy dark green will sooth your eyes, while the brick red with give a certain edge. The brightness of marigold yellow would pierce through your heart while, the collision of grey and deep fuchsia would do its magic. All in all, this festive season you can be the talk of every party you visit just by shopping with us.