Hold your Square! Why Holders Are Always a Clever Choice for Pocket Squares

Whether you are a pocket square aficionado or just an amateur in menswear trends, you may not be able to help but wonder - what is the deal with pocket square holders? A pocket square can make or break your outfit. Finding the right one is hard enough without adding the stress of keeping it looking neat all day. While you don’t have to be a model to pull it off, it takes a certain skill to be able to fold it just right and carry it around perfectly. Let us help you understand that better.

Once upon a time, there was a prosperous and prominent businessman named Uday Chauhan, who had built an empire out of his electrical appliances business. Meeting major clients was, of course, a part of Uday’s terribly busy professional life. And this affected his personal life as well. Seldom was he seen in casual outfits, he was always ready for a meeting, always on the go. He would don his formal attire and own it like a boss. Beyond doubt, every person who met Uday was completely mesmerized by his look and style; such was his swag. He was so fond of men’s fashion trends that his wardrobe held outfits in all the latest styles and cuts on the block. A pocket square always adorned every suit, jacket or blazer he would wear.

However, keeping a pocket square in perfect shape throughout the day isn’t an easy task. Despite being the most eye-catching accessory in the entire outfit, it needs to be worn the right way, especially when you are going to be wearing it for an entire day. This is the mistake that stumped the professional and trendy Uday. On one such busy day, Uday had to pitch a project to one of his international clients. But despite being absolutely prepared for his presentation, the meeting did not go well. What do you think went wrong? Was it the faulty presentation? Was it the client? Well, none of the above! The deal breaker was his pocket square! Hard to believe? It does sound strange that how can a pocket square be the reason for a failed meeting. Well, his pocket square just wouldn’t stay in place which kept distracting Uday as he tried fixing it again and again. Of course his client wasn’t very happy with the presentation, but he saw the exasperation in Uday's eyes and could immediately empathize - the client himself had been in a similar spot a few years ago. 

So, although Uday could not get the project, he did manage to get a fashion tip from the client. Before leaving, the client sat him down and explained how a small leather accessory like a Pocket Square Holder refined his dressing game. He expounded on how the holders prevent the bunching up of pocket squares once they are inside the jacket and keep the folds in place. Pocket square holders allow you to insert the pocket square in your preferred shape and securely hold it that way throughout the day. Designed specifically to suit a variety of suit pockets, they are sustainable and so slim that you will hardly notice they are in your pocket. These pocket holders are ideal for people who wear pocket squares regularly and like to look sharp for events like weddings, parties, business meetings or any other social engagements.

So now, all Uday had to do was simply insert his pocket square into the leather holder and slip it into the pocket - and he was ready to rock the entire day, without any hiccups come what may!