Dress Dad in Bow & Square!

Father’s Day is coming up and it’s time to get a gift for dad and what could be better than a tailor-made shirt designed just for him?

Not only will it fit him perfectly, but it will also be designed by you – giving it a personal touch. Even better, it’s a gift he can wear. Other fun, silly gadgets may give everyone a good chuckle when he opens them, but nothing beats the practicality of a shirt - something he can wear every day.

Gift him a tailor made shirt which he'll treasure forever. It's not just guaranteed to fit him perfectly, but also handcrafted in a style that he will love.

And if you’re in a hurry, maybe there’s not enough time to have a tailor made shirt for dad. 
In that case, we offer the tailor-made shirt gift kit. This is a beautiful gift with measuring tape, fabric swatches, a handwritten note, and a gift card in the amount you choose. The entire package is free for all gift cards.

Dress Dad in Bow & Square today!