Cotton Shirts for Men to Wear this Summer

Shirts are an essential part of all men's wardrobes. Their attire is incomplete in the absence of attractive, stylish, and smart formal shirts. Shirts have their importance in personal as well as professional life and are available in various styles and patterns such as plain, strips, and checked. According to the body style, we may look for a regular or slim fit. Different styles and patterns provide a different look which we should choose as per the occasion.

Here we have brought you the best premium giza cotton shirts collection for summer. Made from finer giza cotton yarn, these shirts are softer, lighter and feel just perfect whether you are at home or at work. The absorbent and breathable qualities of the giza cotton makes it far more superior than typical cotton

1. Classic Blue Patterned Shirts:

Navy Blue with polka dots is here to add a distinctive style to your formal look. Navy Blue is a naturally cool color and a go to choice specially during summers. It is carefully crafted using the highest quality giza cotton fabric, cut by an expert's hand and sewn with hand operated machines to create the final design. 

2. Black Twill Giza Cotton Shirt

A black 100% giza cotton shirt is a must have in every man’s wardrobe for a bold and powerful look. This formal shirt adds an extraordinary style statement whether you are at work or at an after 8 dinner party. This one timelessly versatile shade of black shirt can be paired with pastel linen pants or Khakhi chinos

3. Polo Blue Twill Cotton Shirt:

Polo blue twill cotton shirt is made from the finest quality of the cotton fabric, which gives a smooth and soft touch to your body and keeps you comfortable all day. Pearl finish buttons have been used for this shirt to add a spectacular, elegant look. As said earlier, blue is a naturally cool color best suited for the summer season. 

4. White Oakwood Printed Cotton Shirt:

Printed cotton shirts can work on both formal and informal occasions. The White Oakwood Printed cotton shirt by Bow & Square is crafted from the highest quality fabric and has an elegant, printed design to hold glimpses for a while. Available in both full sleeves and half sleeves, this printed formal shirt is in tight competition with previously mentioned formal plain shirts for men. 

5. Mint Green Formal Shirt:

As the name suggests, this men's formal shirt is as cool as mint. Woven using highest quality giza cotton yarn, the soft and smooth texture is this shirt is unmatched by other regular cotton shirts. Do try out this vibrant, lightweight premium shirt this summer! 

6. Carmin Red Cotton Shirt

Well, the color red might suggest danger but not in the case of Bow & Square's carmin red formal shirt. It represents elegance.  This solid shirt made with 100% giza cotton fabric with a satin finish gives you unparalleled comfort and extensive breathability. Pair this carmin red formal shirt with black formal trousers for a dinner date. This shirt will undoubtedly raise the style bar!  

7. Harbor Grey Twill Giza Cotton Shirt:

The exceptionally smooth and breathable fabric of this Grey Harbour Shirt will ensure that it keeps your skin cool even in this heat.  The soothing soft grey color of the shirt is ideal for the summer season and can be worn at home or when you are out doing errands in the sun. Style this shirt with a pair of denims or cotton trousers to leave an everlasting impression on others.

8. Pink Giza Cotton Shirt:

This shirt is crafted using giza cotton fabric woven from superior yarn mixing. The shirt has a special finish for added lustre and softness. It is embellished with our signature white pearl finish buttons and crafted in our atelier using hand-working sewing machine. 

This soft pink giza cotton shirt is made for any occasion, yes, literally for any occasion. This pink giza cotton shirt will add a glare of elegance and make your style distinctive and unique.

9. Ivory White Twill Giza Cotton Shirt

Who doesn't like ivory white? Our ivory white Giza cotton shirts are phenomenal in creating positive vibrancy. No other color is as charming and soothing as white. A formal white shirt completes your wardrobe and is a safe choice when going for an interview or a formal meet. Made from 100% giza lightweight cotton, it spells nothing less than comfort and luxury.

In the last few decades, men's fashion wear has tremendously changed. The different trends had a specific period after which that fashion trend gets outdated. You have to move on with time and change your fashion sense accordingly. Men must update their collection with new trendy items of clothing. Formal Shirts play a priceless part in our lives in terms of presenting us before others. It helps us to make an impression on others. There will be many future events coming in your life where you have to present yourself with formal shirts. Having in possession of trendy formal shirts prepares you to face any event may it be an official gathering, wedding, or job interview. Distinguished tailoring with timeless style is highly necessary when every decade has its formal shirt style.