Prajjwal Garg
Photographer : Entrepreneur

It took two years of failing countless times and sleepless nights to following his passion and reach where he is today..

Since then Prajjwal runs his own studio—The Rolling Shots where he practices the art of photography.

My Journey of becoming a photographer began in 2018, when I realized while pursuing Hotel management was that cooking food is not something that I would love to do forever, but clicking photographs is surely one of them. When I got my first camera, I was enamored by what all the world has to offer. I captured everything under the sun, macro photos of flowers, portraits. I have to admit, though, I tended to capture nature-related scenes avoiding anything to do with people, in the beginning as I was not very comfortable with my clicks. Over the course of next six months, I slowly began to become more comfortable, not only with photography but with who I was as a person. Soon, the camera became my strongest and most distinguished voice.

I took two long years of dropping out of college TWICE, trying to convince my parents about my passion & self-realization that THIS IS WHAT I WANT IN LIFE! It took two years of failing countless times, and sleepless nights of following my passion to reach where I am today.
To encapsulate my two-year journey, I conjured up a few lessons that I have learned to live by every day.

The first is to just keep shooting. I discovered that the more I shoot, the more I fail, and the more I fail, the more I learn. I have always lived by this notion ever since I started taking pictures. When I am shooting photos or creating art, I am myself, and without it, I feel like there is something missing from me. Secondly, I learned that you should never be complacent with your work and that you are only as good as your last shoot. Using this mentality, it has driven me to create work that I could never had imagined I would be doing and keeps me getting better consistently. If I had been satisfied with one great photo, my career would have ended even before it began.

Lastly, if you want to succeed in this industry, you must stay true to who you are. There’s no one that can do it better than yourself. Being unique and true to yourself is the one determining factor that will set your work stand out from the rest. The only competition you have is yourself and being the best you could be. Don't waste your energy focusing on someone else's dreams, go out and conquer yours.

Prajjwal Garg reminds us to make time for ourselves and do the things we love.
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